About Us

Crystal Ra and Michael

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton is originally from Estonia. Business owner for the past 12 years, owner of two higher university degrees in anthropology and a world-traveler by nature she has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experiences how to live life on her terms. She has lived her dream since 2000 and traveled to 30 countries while doing what she loves most - working with people by coaching them, doing healing energy sessions or leading international retreats or traveling to do some more research for future products, projects or books. Her passion is to serve people during their journeys to have more courage to expand and turn their dreams into realities

Michael Ditton is originally from Southern California who owned and operated 5 companies until he sold everything and sailed up and down the Pacific Coast of Mexico semi-retiring for almost 10 years living life fully on his terms. During all these adventures he accumulated a lot of knowledge how to create sustainable systems and structures in order to live his dream. Michael is ready to share these shortcuts now with everybody who is ready to change their lives from better to their wildest dreams!

Crystal Ra and Michael met in Mexico in December 2014 and since then have worked on many various projects together. Not only are they in a loving and conscious marriage, but they are also playing a good role in all communities where they live and call themselves ‘aloha ambassadors’. They are a good team who care about each other and all the people they serve, are authentic and loving in so many ways. They are now completely ready to share their life mission on a global scale and make a difference for themselves and the world and inspire people do never give up in their search for the love they deserve.

Crystal Ra and Michael

Your Transformation Navigators

All of our lives have been a preparation for these times. We have over 60 years of combined Life Experiences as Healers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Students and Business Professionals, our common life mission is to unite both of our skills, knowledge and inner growth so that we can use all of it to contribute to our clients and a better world. Our Energies will help to activate people who are present, so that they will not only be inspired to have a better life, but feel motivated enough to act upon it and start to live their dreams, turning them into reality!

We have both experienced highs and lows of life along with the financial and emotional ups and downs. All of this has built up our unique tool box of how to build up holistic abundance in every area in our lives, so that our lives will be steered and running on courage and big dreams instead of fear and thinking small.

"We live what we preach every step of our lives"