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How to Navigate life in a time of Chaos from Fear to Courage?

Hosted by Crystal Ra & Michael, Transformation Navigators, Guiding Others with over 50 years combined Life Experiences!


Map & Define Fear

Fear is located between control and surrender. Understanding that fears are not your enemies

Journey from Fear to Courage

Pain to Power- Fear to Courage. Make Decision- Take Action

Identify Saboteurs

Inner Saboteurs feed your survival & primal brain which are connected to fear

Change Habits & Behavior

Good body, mind & spirit habits keep you in your center & will keep fear away

Many of us are challenged in these chaotic times

What we do today will have a direct effect on what our future will be

When some things in our lives are taken away which have been created throughout our life; jobs, health, relationships, freedom, finances, we are forced into a situation where we need to look deeper into what really matters. What are our true values? How do we rearrange our priority lists? What makes our life whole? 


We have been in consistent communication with our clients, friends, family and fans from all over the world and we realized there are 4 areas where people are really struggling right now: 


  • Map your fears
  • What are they?
  • Communicate with them like with beings – what is their message – why are they here? What is your message to them?
  • What is the worst-case scenario if you do not stop it now and later?
  • Would you choose that?
  • What can you do to prevent it?
  • If that worst-case scenario happens how can you repair it?


  • What levels of fear are there?
  • How do we move from pain to power?
  • Fear's connections and expressions through the 3 selves – higher, middle and lower?
  • How the wisdom of the 3 selves can help you to become more conscious in your life, relationships and in your decisions?
  • What are the environments where the fear flourishes? How to take out the 'fear weeds' from your inner gardens so that courage can start to flourish?
  • How do we train our 'courage muscle'?


  • Why is identifying your inner saboteurs so crucial in defeating the fear and activating your courage?
  • Map your inner saboteurs and start to eliminate them!
  • What are the crucial steps to regularly feed the courage?
  • How to dissolve your non-functioning patterns and get out of your own way?


  • What are the key habits which help to keep the fear away or in a state where it cannot paralyze you anymore and where courage can lead instead?
  • What habits enforce courage?
  • What kind of behavioral action can you take in order to show the fear who is the real boss in the house?
  • What kind of behavior enforces courage?
  • How is fear connected to collective consciousness?
  • How to enforce your individual and personal platform so that your courage can permanently move in?

We have combined life experiences of over 50 years and  have guided others through transitions in life. During our years we have had many personal situations where there seemed to be no tomorrow, where we found ourselves at rock bottom with no light in the end of the tunnel yet each time we came out stronger, creating more and dreaming even bigger. We are living proof that you can get through this and we hope to be your inspiration and Transition Navigators.


We would love to share some of these experiences in order to help all of you who are struggling at the moment so we have put together an amazing FREE Webinar Positive Infusion, How to Navigate Life in a Time of Chaos, from Fear to Courage.

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