$99.00 USD

Crystal Ra's Special 1 Hour Reading

(Important: After purchasing the reading please check your email for confirmation and scheduling)

Unlock the mysteries of your path with a 1-hour reading session! 🌟 Choose two from the following options to customize your experience:

  • 🌌 30-minute Numerology Reading: Decode the messages hidden in your birth date and name.
  • 🐚 30-minute Mermaid Divination: Ask a question, and let the shells reveal your unique story.
  • 🔮 30-minute Tarot Reading: Dive deep into your questions and uncover profound insights.
  • ✨ 30-minute Energy Reading: Experience a holistic overview, connecting with the invisible Spirit world. Take the next step on your journey of self-discovery and transformation. Book your session now! 🌈✨"


For rescheduling: Please notify us ahead of time or 48 hours before your scheduled reading.

For cancellations or refunds please  contact us within 3-5 days after your purchase date.