How to Attract More Abundance

The Proven Tools You Need to Manifest into Your Life the things that make you feel satisfied and fulfilled

You too can Attract More Abundance into your Life starting TODAY!


I Choose More Abundance

Have You Ever???

Been where you have not had enough Time, Money, Love, Happiness, Freedom?

We have too!!!

We used to spend endless days beating our heads against the wall, beating ourselves up for always playing catch up, never having enough money to do the things we wanted to do, go to the places we wanted to go, and have the freedom to do what ever we want when ever we want without worrying about consequences.

Until we found a Smarter Way.....

A mentor of ours said "learning by trial and error is stupid" and he could absolutely say that because he too had learned that way.

So, with the guidance of other successful mentors, teachers and coaches who have "been there done that", along with studying and learning from our own life experiences, we can be Your Transformation Navigators.

It's not just the steps but the order in which they are taken, will help you Attract More Abundance holistically throughout all areas of your life in a shorter amount of time.


A Smarter Way to Activate Your Ultimate Abundance

It's not a Shortcut but a Smarter Way to Activate Your Ultimate Abundance in a shorter period of time!

Mapping Holistic Abundance

 If you don't know what’s blocking you from Attracting More Abundance, you can't clear what it is. Mapping & Identifying is the first step to Attract More Abundance

Remove Abundance Blockages

After Mapping & Identifying your Abundance Blockages you must take the steps necessary to Remove the Blockages in order to continue to Attract More Abundance Holistacally

Time Management and How to Expand Time

Understand and Learn how to use our Multidimensional Time Management System™ which will Play a Major Role in Expanding Your Abundance Today and for the Days to come


βœ” You will create your own template of holistic abundance inclusive of your sexuality, relationships, health and life mission. And, release disempowering habits.


βœ” A unison between mind, body and spirit. You will attract abundance in all levels of your life and confront your fears with courage & strength.


βœ” You will think more consciously, speak more consciously and act more consciously. Once you are aware, you will change your system of thoughts, words and actions and produce results aligned to your abundance.

"I created more abundance, received a brand new car as a gift during the course. I manifested a holiday trip for the whole family. I am clearer about my actions and I created 2 new positions in my company and I hired a new manager for my company who created really good new systems and structures and who is also very active and effective in addition to being very cooperative. I have got more clients for my company and in addition I am renting out more of the rooms my company owns and I also hired a social media manager!"

Piret Peters
Estonia, Finland

"If you have clear goals and targets then this course will be a very successful tool for that purpose. But when you do not even know yourself what and where or when, then this course can help you to create clarity and you need to be ready for a little awakening. All in all this is a course which will change your life if you have the courage to receive! During this course I created an additional business opportunity for myself, I got more clients, my income increased significantly and doubled even more than I dared to ask in the beginning of the class. I am more self confident now. I love myself more. I have better communication with everyone in my life and I have better relationships and my relationship to my children is much better. I understood how my thoughts create my reality and I am now much more conscious what I think and how I talk and what I do."

Riina JΓΌris
Estonia, Ireland

"I have used different spiritual practices for increasing my abundance and expanding myself and that is why it was really interesting to listen to what you have come up with in that matter. When I got one of your abundance tools I did use it for a while, but not because I did not have enough money, but just out of curiosity. Then I stopped it for a while for several months. Recently I had a situation where my employer did not follow our contract and told me that the bonuses I was about to get now will be delivered in some months time. To hear that message in the beginning of the year is not pleasant, especially when you have done your financial plans already for the whole year. I tried to be okay with it even though I felt I had a lot of tension inside of me. But some days ago I remembered your abundance tool again and started to use it again to use my own energies. It worked! As a freelancer I instantly got several new work offers and the money from the bonuses I was expecting was on my account this morning! Amazing! I am so glad that we have so business wise innovative and creative Estonians as you are who knows how to market and do a product launch, who can create financial freedom from nothing. I am still needing to develop my business intuition on that matter. I will buy some other products from you as I am excited what else can show up in my life?"


What's Inside?

The Power of Manifesting Abundance

How to Attract More Abundance Value of($597)

How Attract More Abundance includes 3 1/4 hours of PPT video presentations which includes Mapping Holistic Abundance, Removing Abundance Blockages, Time Management and How to Expand Abundance. Along with supporting worksheets and diagrams and an Abundance Manifestation Meditation audio with script.

It is critical that you understand Holistic Abundance is more than just MONEY!!! (remember the TFB Abundance Formula™ and what conscious abundance is for you?) If you understand this and know if there is a blockage in any part of your Abundance Wheel, this will create a blockage for ALL of your Abundance.  Only then you will be able to map and remove blockages which will allow you to Attract More Abundance.

This is the basics where we create the foundation, layer by layer from the beginning.

BONUSES: Worksheets-Diagrams-Abundance Manifestation Meditation Audio & Script - Value($299)

TnT (Tips and Tools) created by Micheal & Crystal

  • 50 Amazing Dreams PDF
  • Abundance Wheel Diagram PDF
  • Time Management Overview Diagram PDF
  • Abundance Meditation Instruction PDF
  • Abundance Manifestation Meditation MP3
  • Abundance Meditation Activation Script PDF

Discounts as a Participant for any continued courses and  Private Coaching: Value($$Priceless$$)

Participants will be the FIRST to know of new programs to continue Growth and will receive Special discounts for those who wish to continue to invested in to their better wellbeing. As  a student and client of Micheal & Crystal, you will have special prices for Private Coaching and we  will share our latest knowledge & research specific to abundance. 

 How to Activate Your Ultimate Abundance NOW

Abundance mindset reset


I Choose More Abundance - NOW

Crystal Ra and Michael

Your Transformation Navigators

Our common life mission is to unite both of our skills, knowledge and inner growth so that we can use all of it to contribute to our clients and a better world. Our New Time Energies along with our Spirit Mate energies will help to activate people who are present, so that they will not only be inspired to have a better life, but feel motivated enough to act upon it and start to live their dreams, turning them into reality!

We have both been through highs and lows of life along with the financial and emotional ups and downs. All of this has built up our unique tool box of how to build up holistic abundance on every area in our lives, so that our lives will be steered and running on courage and big dreams instead of fear and thinking small.

We live what we preach every step of our lives.

With our Abundance Program we desire to invite you along on that journey and the program can guide you to take your first steps towards a more holistically abundant future- on your terms.

There is nothing more inspiring for us than to see that people who follow our guidance, make new beginnings and see abundant fairytales begin to happen in their reality.


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